Due to the rising costs of diesel fuel and commercial insurance  we are being forced to go to flat rate pricing for our trips.  We are not raising our trip prices, but we will not be able to discount for less than six people per trip. It costs us the same amount to run the boat whether we have 2 or 6 people on board. We appreciate your understanding and will try to arrange to add people to your party and divide the cost evenly between the number of people - up to a maximum of six passengers. The good news is that our boat, Hammerhead, a custom built Priority Sportfish is quick and we are docked minutes away from  the pass which means we get out to the fishing grounds faster and can fish longer. New flat rate pricing - up to six people. Off shore/Deep sea fishing:           5 hours/up to 15 miles offshore    $690                 8 hours/up to 30 miles offshore    $990 10 hours/up to 40 miles offshore  $1,250            12 hours/up to 50 miles offshore  $1,500                                                    Tarpon and shark fishing in Boca Grande Pass and surrounding waters:        4 hours $650               6 hours $850                    8 hours $1050                                  15%-20% Gratuity is customary and courteous for all trips.  We can also provide lunch or dinner trips to Cabbage Key or the barrier islands, or go for a scenic tour around Boca Grande and watch the sun go down over the Gulf of Mexico horizon. We can accommodate up to six people on these trips for the rate of $120.00 per hour for the entire party. We do have a 4 hour minimum on these trips.                                                                   Prices are subject to change without notice.   . © 2016 Hammerhead Charters, LLC